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Product name-Control Panel Keypad ALF-646

Product classification:Wired Alarm Panel

Characteristic: Wired Alarm Keypad



◆High performance control board needs match keyboard to operation,636 and 646 keyboard are light,simple and easy to use, they don't need any
   instruction memory,and can complete a series of related operations as long as the touch of correlative key.
◆636 and 646 keyboard can be used for all the 700 series control board.
◆They have perfect eatures,sophisticated appearance,reliable quality,which is your best choice.Some functions can be done by the touch of a button.

◆Between the keyboard and the control board just need four line.

◆Controlled by the RISC and microprocessor.

◆Built-in one zone input.

◆Adjustable brightness.

◆Can be set four doorbell zone.

◆3 groups of emergency alarm button.

◆Low power consumption (20mA).

◆Fault zone monitoring.

◆Fire enclosure.
Model ALF-646
Type Alarm keypad
Power Supply 12V
Communications Wired
Relay driver Yes
Detector input Wired
Temperature -10℃~50 ℃
Suitable type alarm panel
Dimension 135*97*32 mm

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