Product name-PIR Detector/GSM Alarm System ALF-WS05

Product classification:Wireless PIR Detector

Characteristic: Wireless PIR Detector; High Quality in Matching with GSM Control Panel; Long Service Life


 PIR Detector

GSM Alarm System


Product Description:


◆Wireless alarm, wireless PIR detector
◆True temperature compensation
◆Low battery alarm indication
◆Wireless signal transmission
◆Low-power circuit design
◆Using SMT process, anti-RFI, EMI interference
Operating Voltage DC3V
Static current ≤ 25uA
Alarm current ≤ 10mA
Detection distance 2m、 4m、 9m adjustable
Transmission frequency 315M or 433MHZ
Transmission distance 200m in the open area
Demension 110×69.5×40mm


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