Product name-PIR Detector/ GSM Alarm System ALF-P13

Product classification:Wireless PIR Detector

Characteristic: Curtain Style Wirless PIR Detector; High Quality;Signal Stability Processing


PIR Detector

GSM Alarm System


Product Description:


◆Wireless alarm, wireless PIR detector
◆Detection distance can be adjustable
◆True temperature compensation
◆Low battery alarm indication
◆Selectable of alarm delay
◆Anti-RFI interference (20V/M-1GHz)
◆Wireless signal transmission
◆Low-power circuit design
◆Using SMT process, anti-RFI, EMI interference

Working voltage DC3V 2 "AA" batteries
Static current ≤ 25uA
Alarm current ≤ 10mA
Battery Life 1 year
Detection Range Adjustable (2 m 、4 m 、9 m)
Detection angle 15°
Self-test time 30S
Alarm Indication Red LED; Voltage indicator; Yellow LED
Operating Temperature -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C
Humidity Maximum 95% RH (no condensation)
Installation height 1.7 - 2.5 m
Transmission frequency 315M or 433M
Transmitting distance about 200 meters outside


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