Product name-PIR Detector/Home Alarm/Alarm System ALF-P55

Product classification:Wired PIR Detector

Characteristic: Infrared Detector;Popular Home Alarm;Indoor Used; High Quality and Long Service Life


PIR Detector/Home Alarm/Alarm System ALF-P55


◆New streamlined design

◆Low noise, high sensitivity, anti-electromagnetic interference

◆Fully protected and sealed optical lenses, anti-mosquito interference

◆Easy installation with lock, ease of construction


Sensor Type Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
Detection distance 14m
Working voltage 9-15VDC
Working current 14mA
Installation height 2.2m-3.0m
Anti-white light interference ≥ 8000LUX
Anti-EMI 30V/M(10MHz-1000MHz)
Alarm output NC
Pet immunity Up to 40kg(90lbs)
Installation Wall Wall- mounted
Lens 2 nd generation from 10MHz to 1 GHz
Working environment temperature -10 ℃ -50 ℃ adaptive
Anti Anti-electromagnetic interference 30V / M (30MHz ~1000MHz )
Alarm output normally closed or normally open, 28Vdc 0.15A
Product Size 110 × 95 × 49mm


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