Product name-Independence Home Security Fire Alarm Smoke ALF-SO43

Product classification:Independent Smoke Detector

Characteristic: Independent Smoke Alarm; New Developed; Indoor Used; Batteries Power Supply



◆ Smart Technology designed to reduce unwanted or nuisance alarms.

◆ Single Button Test : pushing the button to test the alarm

◆ Dust cover is used for keeping the alarm clean during  construction.

◆ Easy installation/Maintenance feature includes two screws for easy installing smoke alarm on the ceiling or wall.

◆ Improved UV Resistance keeps the alarm extending the time of discoloring.
Standby current <15μA
Alarm current <30mA
Operating temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating Humidity ≤95% RH
Detection area 20 m2
Sensitivity 2.06% ft
SPL 85 dB / 3m (10ft)
Alarm Sensitivity 0.6~1.5dB m-1
Net Weight 100 g(Without batteries)
Size Φ106* 53MM
Power supply AC110-265V, 9V back-up battery

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