Product name-4 Beams Active Infrared Detector ABH-50L

Product classification:Active Infrared Beam Sensor

Characteristic: Anti-RFI/EMI Capability; ABS Materials; Authentic Electron Conponents;High Quality and Stagbility


4 Beams Active Infrared Detector

1.Ten signal design, horizontal/vertical optical angle adjustment is convenient, easy to calibrate

2.Artificial Intelligence recognition technology,digital conversion and superior signal filtering

3.With high levels of anti-RFI/EMI capability

4.Unique design of the digital filter circuit

5.High-power transmitter,sensitivity surplus degree up to 90%

6.Anti-lightning circuit design

7.Adjustable of beam interdiction period,to make it more flexible and adaptable

8.Professional anti-jamming optical housing

9.High-power infrared receiver tube,low-power process technology
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