Product name-Fence Perimeter Security Frequency  Active Infrared Beam Sensor ALF-04

Product classification:Active Infrared Beam Sensor

Characteristic: fence barrier


Fence Perimeter Security Frequency  Active Infrared Beam Sensor 




1.4 Channel of frequency adjustment active infrared fence detector 
2.No need to connect sync cable 
3.Imported high power receiving tube and transmitting tube
4.Can be installed at door,window,passage etc
5.Aptitude judgement,prevent traditionally false alarm
6.Recognize object,can distinguish size of traversing object,will not alarm when the intruder is a cat or a dog
7.Anti-cutting function disturbs technology
8.Anti-rain function can be used outdoor of wet places
9.Alarm Indication: Buzzer buzzing
10.Install and debug easily




Model:  ALF-6C
Alert distance: 5m-100m
Beam: 6
Induction speed: 40ms
Alarm Output: wired
Ganged Alarm: Yes
Working voltage:  DC10.5-15V
Working current: 100mA MAX
Contact Capacity :  0.5A/125V AC; 1A/24V DC   
Humidity: 5%-95% (RH)
Tamper Output : NC
Horizontal angle adjustment: 180 °   (±   90 ° )
Case Material: Aluminum + PC   
Dimension: 38*35*43mm



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