Product name-Alarm System/ Independent CO Detector ALF-C032

Product classification:Independent CO Detector

Characteristic: Independent CO Detector; Batteries Power Supply; High Quality and Long Service Life


 Alarm System CO Detector

 Product Description:

◆Loud 85 decible alarm.
◆Permanent carbon monoxide sensor.
◆Powered by AC110-265V  60/50 HZ (wide supply voltage)
◆Alarm sound pattern:continuous short alarm beeps and red LED will flash.
◆One ‘beep’ every 30 seconds is an indication that the battery is low 
(need replacement)(green LED    willl flash at the same time). 
◆Test button to test the unit electronics and verifies proper unit operation.
◆Green and red LED lighting indicates normal operation and alarm status.
◆The unit would sound ‘beep’ and red LED would flash once power on.
◆In 90 seconds after installing new batteries , the unit would begin to detect CO.
Model ALF-C032
Power  Supply AC110-265V 60/50HZ (wide supply voltage)
Sensitivity & Time
30ppm,inactivation to alarms within 120minutes 
50ppm, alarms within 60~90 minutes
100ppm, alarms within 10~40 minutes
300ppm, alarms within 3 minutes
Standby Current <50uA
Alarm Current <50mA
Operation Ambient Condition 5~40℃, 20~90%R.H
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